After your breakfast, your guide will come to our hotel at the specified time (09.00-10.00) to pick us up. We will set out for Derinkuyu Underground, our first stop. Accompanied by road views, our guide will give us detailed information about the travel routes and the Cappadocia Region. Derinkuyu Underground city is the largest navigable underground city. Inside, ventilation channels, barn, winery, kitchen, living rooms, church, cemetery, missionary school and long corridors will be waiting for us.

After this exciting discovery is over, we will take a break in Narlıgol (crater lake). Narlıgol’s heart shape is unique and romantic image that fascinates us. When we leave here and come to Ihlara Valley, we start our hiking in this canyon that contains nature, green and history. Melendiz river and magnificent plant cover will accompany us along the path. We will complete the walk after a small break in one of the wooden resting points established on the Melendiz river. We stop for lunch at the end of the trail. After dinner, we visit Selime Monastery & Cathedral built by Christian monks and set off again for the last stop of our tour, Güvercinlik Valley. When we come to the valley, we will take photos and return to our hotel.

  • Derinkuyu Underground City
  • Narlıgöl Crater Lake
  • Selime Monastery
  • Güvercinlik Valley

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